Saturday, May 10, 2014

Super Showdown - Where did you have YOUR shodown part two: Greece!

This trip to Greece, several years in the making, was the perfect place to do our "Where did you have YOUR showdown" feature.  

Over the course of our trip, we visited Athens, Crete and Santorini.  We were resolved to play the game as often as possible and in as beautiful a location as possible.

So - without further adieu and with large thanks to our inspiration "Ant and Anna" who classed up the river Thames with their game play antics, here is our Greek Showdown!

First, a beautiful dusk game against my wife.  

Next, John and Jodie learn the game on a beautiful Crete patio!

Now that John had a taste for it, he destroyed me against a gorgeous ocean backdrop.  (Yes, that's a look of dismay - I wasn't sure what was worse, him winning or him tormenting me about winning...)

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  1. I have to find my images of the game John and I played in the Athens airport- which rounded out our trip nicely.

    PS - please don't ask who won.